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Exploring the Natural Beauty of Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire – Top 5 Hiking Locations

Tucked in the heart of New Hampshire, Lake Sunapee offers a serene escape for outdoor enthusiasts. Surrounded by lush forests and picturesque mountains, this region is a haven for hikers seeking breathtaking views and peaceful trails. Here are the top five hiking locations in the Lake Sunapee area, each offering its own unique charm and natural wonders.

  1. Mount Sunapee Summit
Located in Newbury, NH, Mount Sunapee boasts an elevation of 2,726 feet. The Summit Trail, a 3.2-mile round trip, leads hikers through lush forests and rocky terrain to the summit. At the top, visitors are rewarded with stunning panoramic views of Lake Sunapee and the surrounding mountains, particularly beautiful during the fall foliage season.

Fun Fact: Mount Sunapee is home to the Sunapee State Park Beach, which offers a sandy shoreline and swimming area, perfect for cooling off after a hike.

  1. Mount Kearsarge
Situated in Warner, NH, Mount Kearsarge stands at 2,937 feet. The Winslow Trail, a 2.8-mile round trip, is the most popular route to the summit. Hikers ascend through dense forests and rocky outcroppings, reaching the bald summit offering panoramic views of Lake Sunapee, Mount Sunapee, and the surrounding countryside.

Fun Fact: Mount Kearsarge is named after the Native American tribe “Kearsarge” which means “narrow lake” in the Abenaki language, referring to nearby Sunapee Lake’s shape.

  1. Mount Cardigan
Located in Orange, NH, Mount Cardigan boasts an elevation of 3,155 feet. The West Ridge Trail, a 3.3-mile round trip, offers a gradual ascent through mixed hardwood forests and rocky terrain. At the summit, hikers can explore the remnants of an old fire tower and enjoy breathtaking 360-degree views of the White Mountains, Green Mountains, and Lake Sunapee.

Fun Fact: Mount Cardigan was one of the first places in the United States to implement a mountain rescue team, established in the early 19th century.

  1. The Fells Historic Estate and Gardens
Situated in Newbury, NH, The Fells Historic Estate and Gardens offer a unique hiking experience. Visitors can explore a network of trails winding through meticulously landscaped gardens, tranquil woodlands, and along the shores of Lake Sunapee. The estate also features a historic mansion, providing insight into the area’s rich history and offering stunning views of the lake.

Fun Fact: The Fells Historic Estate was once the summer retreat of John Milton Hay, a 19th-century statesman, and writer who served as private secretary to President Abraham Lincoln and Secretary of State under Presidents William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt.

  1. Andrew Brook Trail
Located in Wilmot, NH, the Andrew Brook Trail is a 4.6-mile round trip hike offering a diverse range of habitats. Hikers pass through dense forests, open meadows, and alongside a picturesque brook. The trail culminates at a summit with stunning views of Mount Sunapee and the surrounding landscape.

Fun Fact: The Andrew Brook Trail is part of the Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway, a 75-mile trail network that connects Mount Sunapee, Mount Ragged, and Mount Kearsarge.

Let us know if you venture out onto one of these beautiful hikes! We would love to hear about your experience!